Brandy brings your brand to life in the digital space, making it helpful and reliable 24/7 across your website, Whatsapp, Instagram Direct, Apple Messages for Business and 10+ more channels

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Your brand values are challenged the most in the moment of direct customer contact
In the era of instant online interaction, your brand cannot remain silent. Brandy solves this problem at any scale, across all modern channels, in a smart and cost-effective way
keep in touch with customers
Businesses with AN e-com driven revenue model

E-commerce assistant

Meet our vision of a customer self-service assistant built around a conversational AI and chatbot apps connected with your it-environment

Brand assistant

Find out how Brandy levels up your brand interactions across channels while optimizing your costs
FMCG, Manufactures and any businesses with a distribution model
Next-level brand engagement
CSAT boost
Thousands of working hours saved
Average ROI: 370%
Variety integrated channels:
Modern Interactions happen at your website and a far beyond it. Instagram direct, Apple messages for business, Whatsapp and many other channels are here to connect with your customers.
When live agents are needed, Brandy offers an extremely powerful, proven solution to hold virtually any number of conversations
Messaging center
Chatbot apps
A brand new way to enrich interactions and make them 100% clear for customers
Pre-trained or dedicated NLU model that continuously learns from your real dialogs
Conversational AI
There are two ways to explore Brandy

The first way is to get a free trial and test out the features on your own, and the second way is to have a Brandy expert give you a detailed demo of how the system will work in your specific case.
Expertise, best practices and success service
Explore the platform with a Brandy expert and get a personalized roadmap to implement a brand interaction strategy for your business!