Brandy brings your brand to life in the digital space, making it helpful and reliable 24/7 across your website, Whatsapp, Instagram Direct, Apple Messages for Business and 10+ more channels

Make your clients never forget about you

Drive repeat sales through dozens of ready-made solutions!
Engage customers in a dialogue online or offline (we also have ready-made solutions for this), and after initiating a dialogue, engage, engage, engage! Use the customer's attention to the maximum to speed up repeat sales!

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About 40% to 60% of all incoming requests are related to Frequently Asked Questions.

Brandy combines a multi-lingual conversational AI and button-based menu to automate interactions across all channels: website, WhatsApp Business, Instagram Direct, Apple Messages for Business, etc.

If a live agent needs to step in, Brandy will handle it

Brand Interactions:


Dive deep and connect Brandy with your IT environment and you’ll be able to create a personalized experience:
product selection
where can I buy
loyalty program
user authorization and registration
useful information about products and services
sales (payment button, application, pre-order)


Brand Interactions:

You can start using Brandy’s standalone tools on your own right now
If you want to implement complex custom scenarios integrated with your favorite business software, our hands-on support and business team would love to help you!
Launch your brand assistant in every digital channel in just one day!