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Brand assistant - Automated brand interactions solution

From monologue to dialogue
With the rising capabilities of AI and the widespread use of digital communication channels, you can not only serve customers who contact you, but actively look for new connections, no matter how far and wide.

Automated brand interactions is a new vision for customer support, experience, engagement and relations.
About 40% to 60% of all incoming requests are related to Frequently Asked Questions.

Brandy combines a multi-lingual conversational AI and button-based menu to automate interactions across all channels: website, WhatsApp Business, Instagram Direct, Apple Messages for Business, etc.

If a live agent needs to step in, Brandy will handle it

Offline QR codes (on the product, on banners)
Active invitations to dialogue in web chat

Brand Interactions: support

Brand Interactions: EXPERIENCE

Dive deep and connect Brandy with your IT environment and you’ll be able to create a personalized experience:

Brand Interactions: ENGAGE

Invite your customers to conversations online and offline, make surveys, share your promotional offers, and run quizzes and contests with prizes!
Build trust and loyalty by making your brand a reliable assistant to serve your customers’ needs.
Mass mailings, surveys, new products/services, promo offers, quizzes and contests etc.
product selection
sales (payment button, application, pre-order)
user authorization and registration
where can I buy
useful information about products and services
loyalty program
human touch
When AI is not enough, brandy can route dialog to your live agents or product experts

Brandy has professional agent console, so not a single dialogs will be lost
However assistant can be 100% automated if you are not ready to engage human assist
You can start using Brandy’s standalone tools on your own right now
If you want to implement complex custom scenarios integrated with your favorite business software, our hands-on support and business team would love to help you!

Launch your brand assistant in every digital channel in just one day!