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Serves customers on your website, and in WhatsApp, Instagram Direct, and 10+ more text channels

automation results:

automation of chat inquiries from the day one
up to
potential during 1st year
disappointed customers
Let's be straight: no one likes talking to robots that try to pretend to be humans. So don't made them pretend!

100,000+ real E-com dialogs

Our chat AI is trained on 100,000+ real E-come dialogues. It recognizes customers' questions and activates the right chat-app.

what is a

Chat-apps are controlled by buttons, not messages, which can be easily misunderstood. Just like mobile apps.

And everybody loves apps!

meet a few:

...and more!
Make payment

Purchase gift card
Order status

Delivery details

Change order
Order managment
Loyalty & promotions


Personal offers

Our Chat AI trained on 100 000+ real E-com conversations

We consolidate anonymized and depersonalized data from real businesses and use it to teach our AI model. Every business gets extra value from this cooperative deep learning process, without releasing any private commercial data
For things AI doesn't know:
At the right time, at any scale!
engage your
Live Agents.

The platform is equipped with an enterprise level agent console

Our clients run chat centers with up to 50 live agents online that serve 100,000+ dialogs per month
Or it can be easily integrated with chat software you already use.
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