Unleash the full power of the platform!
When you are ready for advanced chatbot scenarios, complex integrations with your IT environment, or to run a high-load messaging center with dozens of live agents.
Brandy Enterprise
Conversational AI

Each MAU includes 3 requests to the conversational AI neural network. This is usually enough for a typical CX process. However, if you need more requests, the price is $2.5 per 1000 requests
All you need to assemble a virtual assistant, connect channels and go live in just a few hours!
Basic messaging center is included
Brandy GO
per live agent account
per 1 MAU
what is a mau?
“Monthly Active User” is a user that interacts with your brand at least once via any connected channel. No matter how many messages are sent, we charge only for the interaction itself. You don’t pay for the size of your client base, only for active interactions!
brandy drives revenue by improving brand interactions in a variety of ways
It’s often unique from brand to brand.

But there is also one simple concrete fact: for any business starting from 5,000 monthly interactions, Brandy’s AI saves at least $1,200 by automating the work of one full-time live agent from the first month!

Depending on the level of automation, we have clients with an ROI from 280% to 550%! Along with the great customer experience we provide!
  • What about messaging channels? Are they free?
    Most of them are free to use. We also don’t charge for the amount of channels you use.
    However, there are some channels that might charge you themselves.
    • If connected, Whatsapp Business additionally charges via Meta and also via its official reseller. Rates here →
    • Facebook Messenger and Viber allow some types of paid promo messages, but basic usage is free.
  • How many channels can I connect?
    As many as you want!
    ●     Webchat
    ●     Instagram direct
    ●     Apple Messages for business
    ●     Telegram
    ●     Whatsapp
    ●     Facebook messenger
    ●     Viber
    ●     SMS
    Didn’t find the channel you need? Contact us; it might be on the way! Basically any channel can be connected!