With 2 billion users all around the world, including your customers, Whatsapp Messenger for Business is a powerful tool for for marketing, selling, supporting, and retaining customers.

WhatsApp Business Account

why bother


Your clients use it everyday for conversations with everybody, except you. Fix it!

Think about it: When was the last time you sent an email or SMS to your family and friends? And when did you write to them in messengers?

Do not slow down and keep up with the times - communicate with customers in their environment.
Okay, seriously:
It saves money
Automation potential in text channels is huge! AI and chatbots can resolve up to 70% of inquires

It helps build trust
By allowing clients to reach out to business with minimal barriers, your clients will naturally feel that your organization is transparent and straight-shooting

It saves time
While system answers typical questions, managers solve only essential ones, so you don’t need to owe big support team
Instant messaging for business can help you deliver the VIP experience that resonates with consumers and builds brand loyalty.

iT boosts CSAAT

The share of messengers conversations grows as soon as the company adds Whatsapp Messages for Business

Clients prefer messages, not calls!

Voice channel VS Digital conversations according to brandy.im market report 2020-2022

They can text on their terms.
What if your customers have a question outside of business hours? Waiting until 9–5, Mondays through Fridays, crushes their need for instant gratification. In messenger your customer can send a message and then go about their day while waiting for a response.

They just prefer texting.
According to a Bank My Cell survey, 75% of millennials avoid phone calls as they’re time-consuming. A customer service call can take a few minutes or half an hour, so customers don’t know how to prepare.

Customers want more than words.
Using text messages, GIFs, emojis, and product videos can seriously boost engagement with your messages. causes more curiosity and a desire to open a message than an e-mail letter.

But why?

No one loves calls
People love their phones. But making a phone call? That they don’t love. According to Forbes survey, Nearly 93% of consumers want to communicate via text message, says Forbes.

They want businesses to value their time
Your customers live in the era of productivity, So it’s a big deal when they have to drop what they’re doing to call customer service—let alone wait on hold.

They just need a quick answer.
Simple questions don’t need a phone call. Getting answers to common queries like, “When will this be back in stock?” or “Where’s my order?” shouldn’t require a phone call and a potentially long wait on hold
Meet WhatsApp business opportunities:
Connection of chat-bots
Placing information about the company in the profile
Account verification
Possibility to write first to your customers
Possibility to make mailings
The highest probability of the presence of the target audience;
A business-initiated conversation is a message thread between a customer and business that the business starts by sending an approved template message to the customer, that have already contacted to brand before.
One of the major benefits of a business account on WhatsApp is the additional brand exposure. Every WhatsApp business account has a branded business profile complete with logo or image, website URL, address, etc.
personalized business profile
Business-initiated conversation
You can create a catalog to showcase your products or services. WhatsApp allows you to add up to 500 products to your catalog with images, item name, price, an optional description, a link, and an item code.
WhatsApp Catalog
One of the biggest benefits of the WhatsApp Business app is that it offers a wide range of formats and interactive content options for business messaging. There are lists, CTAs, links, images, video, attachments, and products so recipients can interact with the campaign, not just read it.
WhatsApp offers automations and canned responses to speed up your customer support process and lessen your workload. You can set away messages or quick replies to FAQs.
content formats
Automated responses
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